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Participant Information

Judith Giddings


The Edge of the Forest started as a personal website, but it has evolved into a source of information and support for people living with Parkinson's disease.

The site contains a collection of my husband's original metaphorical stories designed to help people deal with life's stresses (specifically as related to PD), photos and personal stories of a group of people with Parkinson's, and an album of nature photography.

I hope that the site and the photography will be a source of help and inspiration for those who visit, just as nature photography has helped me move beyond a focus on the limitations of the disease to exploring new ways to see the world and share its beauty with others.

Since PD came into my life, my creativity has taken some neat twists and turns. I learned to play the mountain dulcimer, an American folk instrument that is wonderfully calming and soothing. Iíve even ventured into my own arrangements and composition. No tremors when I am playing!! I play for hospice patients and am ďin demandĒ for community events.

I am learning how important it is to not only take care of my body, but also to care for my spirit. The gifts of music and photography have increased my well-being and I feel that my life is richer now than ever it has been.

Please visit my website at: The Edge of the Forest

Or enjoy my musical video below:

You can view more of my videos on YouTube: Mountain Dulcimer

Contact Judith: