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Participant Information

Donna Miller


I was a finance major in college and a literal thinker who was straightforward, level-headed, and prosaic. Ten years after I was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's disease in 2006, I discovered a previously unseen, creative side of myself. I became consumed with my chosen creative outlet of making decorative light boxes for all occasions. Since first seeing one at a craft fair, I gradually came into my own style of wrapping the glass brick in sheer fabrics before adding ribbons and bows. I would concentrate so fully on whatever I was making that I'd forget things, including my Parkinson's! I had successful deep brain stimulation surgery in 2010. Though I still liked making my various crafts, the passion for it was gone inside of me after the surgery. I'm an interesting study because of my unique experience with the turning on and off of whatever creativity lurks within me. I'm grateful for the fun and immense sense of accomplishment I got from making my art and am just as grateful for the world that the DBS surgery opened up for me!