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Participant Information

Beverly Forte


One night I was unable to work because of the stiffness associated with my PD and prayed for something else to do other than lay down.

I tried the pastels my son had given me for Christmas and drew an incredible ocean wave. I asked God if that talent had always been there and He answered Yes. I asked why I didn't know about it and He said, "You didn't pick up the chalk."

That moment changed my life with PD. I realized how much I had gained during my years suffering with PD, not just what I had lost. I began to live each day as an opportunity for new discoveries.

It was during this same time that I began to write poetry. The poetry submitted describes how the art clears my mind and fills my soul to the point of intoxication with hope.

I continue to chronicle my PD journey with art and poetry and, in the sharing of my creativity, I have helped others discover their creative gifts. I continue to share life.