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Participant Information

Randy LeBlanc

Baton Rouge

Iíve been a woodworking hobbyist for many years. I particularly enjoyed making toys for my 4 children when they were young. After getting my Parkinsonís diagnosis 6-1/2 years ago and struggling for several more years to get the meds right, I knew that I could no longer pursue this hobby. When I found out that my 1st grandchild was on the way, I was very sad that I would not be able to make things that would be special to him in later years. Then, through encouragement of others and some improvement with medication, I decided to give it a try. Itís not easy because with unsteady hands I have to scrap and redo many times. I also have to be extra careful with power tools. I have now successfully completed several projects and plan many more. They took an unbelievable amount of time but provided me with a reason to be up and moving and a source of relaxation, both important to combating this disease. We just celebrated my grandsonís 1st birthday. My present to him was a wooden toy fire engine made completely by my hands. Being able to create this for him gave me a great deal of satisfaction. I hope that when he is old enough to understand such things, heíll look at this toy and know the great love put into it by his Grandpa.

Iíve had the PDF creativity calendar on my office wall for 3 years now. I find the beautiful works and stories an inspiration. I hope mine can do the same for others.