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Participant Information

Melissa Hahn

Wading River
United States

I am 34 years old and I live in Long Island, NY. I am a certified k-12 music educator and a classically trained violinist. I have been an avid bird watcher for almost 13 years and within the past two years have become hooked on photography. I have always been focused on my music until 3 years ago when I received a diagnosis of Early Onset Parkinson's Disease. My musical career came to a sudden halt and I was forced to further explore other hobbies and interests. Although tasks became more difficult this diagnosis was a blessing in disguise. It has allowed me to explore areas of interest that I probably wouldn't have before.

I have always enjoyed taking photos of nature, especially landscapes and birds. I hope you feel the connection between my love for teaching children the harmony of music and the capture of natural harmony in my photos. This is the expression of my blessing in disguise.