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Participant Information

Katherine Castle

United States

I'm the one with paint spots on my shirt or my pants, I have clay, pencils, a camera, yarn, fabric, beads and wire, thread, paint, ink, wood, plastic foam maybe origami in my hands.

Digital photography gave me the ability to carry home the things I see when I travel without the worry of my film being exposed to too many x-rays. My luggage is routinely hand inspected by the airlines because its full of scissors and pins and wire and buckles and whatever else I'm carrying to keep me busy on visits to my family. People stop me and ask where I got my purse or my coat or my necklace--home made, my designs. I decorated my workplace with origami christmas ornaments and gave one to each customer from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

I'm posting pictures of dolls and dragons on this site. I've been fascinated with dolls and dragons since our Parkinson's Art Class, Art in Motion, was visited by a doll maker guest artist. Last year I made dolls who are not your ordinary babies. Some are sweet, but others are best described as difficult ladies. The dragons appeared after a trip to Vietnam, and have grown up to 8 feet long with encouragement of the class members.

Parkinsons has increased my range of media. It has given me the courage to try new things. Today is a gift. My today requires that I invest in what I can do, that i reach for joy. I made a square for the Parkinson's quilt. This led to more quilts. I've included a picture of my most recent, a quilt our class is making as a baby gift.