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Participant Information

Gene Gryniewicz

Tinley Park

I am a Poet. I have always been a Poet. And an Artist - or an Illustrator more like. I have always been either one or the other ... or a sometimes Photogapher. A Nature Photographer. I have always been one or the other of those ... I am a Storyteller! I have been a Storyteller forever --
then I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2005 and I stopped writing Poetry. I don't know why. I stopped drawing; I blamed it on the tremours... I couldn't control my hand. Couldn't stipple or crosshatch even simply. I never could draw a straight line, but now I had an excuse for it ... Photography?

I could still take pictures so I did. Though not very good ones; it always seemed that either nature refused to hold still or my hand - arm - right leg - more and more of me - refused to hold still. I blamed it on the Parkinson's ... but kept on taking bad pictures.

And some of them weren't so bad. Aren't -- I still tell stories. Folktales, mostly. And, recently, I started writing again --> some poems --> the occasional haiku --> children's stories. I still can't draw a straight line ... but with meds, and exercise, and patience ... I am running out of excuses for not drawing crooked lines.