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Participant Information

Timothy Fitzgerald

Holden Beach

When I was diagnosed and the prognosis explained to us, I thought it was the ruination of my life.

I was a very active man, teaching and coaching both varsity football and track. We have five children and soon to be 14 grandchildren. What would life hold for me and my family?

While being made to wait for my doctor to return at one of my appointments, I picked up a piece of paper and sketched him. Dr. Scott knew what a loss I was feeling and was on a never ending search for involvements for me and upon seeing his caricature, suggested drawing as an outlet.

Now, I have ventured into the art world and it has opened many doors for me to explore.

Parkinson's, as described by Dr. Scott, is a tremor at rest. Once I hold my paintbrush and attempt to put my mind's eye on canvas I am in another world. This world is just as rewarding as my football and track titles and I am free of the everyday annoying symptoms of Parkinson's.

My art work has given me another avenue of expressing myself and rejoin the human race without feeling handicapped.