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Participant Information

Lynn Fielder

Palo Alto

Palo Alto artist Lynn Fielder handcrafts each unique piece of jewelry from fine metals, a variety of glass objects, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones.

Particularly unique is the jewelry fashioned from silverware (sterling or silver plated brass), as they are "repurposed" objects, much as Lynn's life has been repurposed.

Jewelry making began for Lynn when she started bending paper clips for her own physical therapy. When her Parkinson's disease forced her into early retirement her jewelry had the opportunity to blossom. Only in leaving her successful left-brained career, Lynn was able to discover and apply her unique creative talents.

In the creative process each piece demands detachment from the outcome as it takes form. The name Inspiritu signifies both the inspiration Lynn receives while making each piece and also captures the spirit and heart each piece conveys when it is worn.

Consistent with Lynn's zest for living, her appreciation for beauty and her full embrace of living in the moment, Inspiritu jewelry can be worn with everything from formal wear to business clothes, jeans and a t-shirt or sweat clothes. As it is, it can always serve as a reminder and a source for creative inspiration.