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Participant Information

Jeff Shultz


ďWith each step, a flower blooms.Ē So reads a magnet my wife, Norah, gave me shortly after I was diagnosed with PD in 2002. My most prevalent symptom is a tightening in my thighs that make it, when Iím most symptomatic, nearly impossible to walk. Attributed to Thich Nhat Hanh, the quote is meant to remind me that each step, in its moment, is precious and no matter how I struggle at my worst times, there is still beauty in my efforts.

And so, there is a connection between flowers and walking. About six years ago, Norah gave me a digital SLR camera and I began, almost immediately, to photograph flowers. It has become oneof the ways I remind myself of the beauty in the world. Through medication, diet, massage, Reiki, exercise, and a supportive and loving spouse, I manage to keep walking most days from early morning until nearly bedtime. I am grateful for every step I am able to take and have a collection of flower photographs that remind me how lucky I am.

Attached are a sampling of my flowers. I use HDR photography and a posterizing filter to bring out their beauty. I am captivated by their shape, symmetry, and color. And I keep on taking those steps to insure the flowers keep blooming.