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Participant Information

Shirley Peterson


I guess I should start out by telling you that I am a late bloomer to watercolor. I didn't start until I turned 65 and retired from my job in electronics in 2000. I started out taking classes at the senior center and did that for a year. I changed to lessons at the Wilmington art center twice a year, spring and fall with a lovely art teacher who shows me what I need to learn to improve on my technique.

I developed Parkinson's symptoms around 2004 however I look back now and realize that I had other signs much earlier in my life but didn't know it. One of those signs was the loss of smell. I am considered in the early stages of PD. When It was confirmed that I had PD, I signed up for a trial for one of the medications. At the end of the study I found a neurologist and have been going to her every three months.

I find that I am so relaxed when I am painting that I forget all about pd and the fact that I have it. My tremors started on my left side so it's ok as I am right handed. Things can change as I develop further into the disease but I don't think about that. I am e mailing some of my art work that I would like to have displayed.