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Participant Information

Ruth Lotzer


I had my life planned since I was old enough to make a list! My list went like this, 1) Graduate from high school, 2) Go to College to be a kindergarten teacher, 3) graduate from college with a teaching degree, 4) get a teaching job, 5) get married to a prince charming, 6) buy a house, 7) Have 2 kids - boy then girl, 8) work until retirement age, 9) move some place tropical to enjoy retirement! Well, everything was going as planned until # 8, about age 40. I started feeling really old - even though I had avoided coffee and smoking - two habits I believed would make me old!! People started commenting on my slow walk/shuffle and my stiff posture! I went to the dr. hoping for a vitamin but instead I was told that I had Parkinson's disease and no vitamin or pill could cure PD! Well, denial set in and I continued my teaching job for 8 more years. But teaching started becoming more of a struggle - trying to move around all those bodies and deal with all their energy was taking its toll on me.

So, I have entered a new chapter in my life. God is on the top of my list, then me and then my family. I have never felt better. I have time for God, time to exercise, time to spoil my husband and time to spoil my 2 teenage kids. I don't spend a lot of time making lists any more – instead I craft. I started making pins using keys, beads and wire. I call them “Key-Pin the hope for a cure for Parkinson's disease.” The other pins I make I call "Hope-Pin for a cure for Parkinson's." My designs are always changing to fit the season, holiday or my mood. The pictures in the gallery are just a few of my favorite pin designs.

I also have started making jewelry racks- my daughter needed an organized place to store all her jewelry and no shelf space for a box or rack. So I came up with a hanging jewelry rack that looks great on the wall and makes it easy for you to find your jewelry.

I have been selling/donating my pins and racks to raise money for PD. So far I have been able to donate close to $1000 to various PD organizations. The lesson I have learned is-"When Life give you PD Do something that makes you happy! I craft!