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Participant Information

Mark Mohn


Greetings to all who fight PD either personally or as a concerned loved one. One thing is for certain it sure does affect us all both young or old alike. I was diagnosed with PD when I was just 37; I am now 53.

My new occupation is as a stay at home dad, responsible for my 11 year old son Drew, my daughter Elizabeth, now almost 9, and of course our three year old Weimerainer Charlotte who loves greeting all comers with a sneak attack and a nip to anyone’s posterity left unguarded. Not a good thing in the land of sue me now.

I have been, let us say retired for about 7 years (I dislike the word disabled) now from my professional life as a consumer products promotion manager. I fully recognize my good fortune in my early retirement – as I would otherwise surly be unemployed. Honestly, there is little doubt in my own mind that I would in fact be on the beach for sure given the New York economy. Many of my colleagues have been devastated by this economy.

This past September I signed up to take a beginner oil-painting course at the local high school on Thursday evenings. Something I had always wanted to do. So, I’m just brand new and have only completed a handful of paintings. I am almost too busy with all my household responsibilities to find time to paint. But the reality is when I’m painting I haven't a problem in the world…other than trying to paint a straight line.

My favorite is Christmas River. As for the rest, like me they are a work in progress.

Mark Mohn

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