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Participant Information

Dan Brooks

Moreno Valley

I started playing the guitar at age seven, and by the time I was in high school I was a developing performer, who was known for impressions of Elvis and the Bee Gees. Shortly after high school, I began writing and singing Contemporary Christian music in churches, at youth camps, wedding ceremonies and banquets.

On several dates during the same time period I appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network's "Kids Praise the Lord" and have had music played on radio on a number of occasions. I recorded, “A Long Time Comin’”, which was released as an independent album on Filadelfia Records, in 1995.

While raising a family and working as a school principal, I continued performing and leading music in the church and school settings. In 2005, I developed a neuro-degenerative disease called Parkinson’s Plus, because it involved both Parkinson’s disease symptoms, plus other brain related symptoms.

On my 2006 album, entitled “I Will Go On,” I was able to bring my guitar, vocal and song-writing talents, together on a nine song collection. This CD was released in the spring of 2006, and includes more of my original songs, such as “I Will Go On” written about my fight to overcome the difficulties caused by this neurological condition.

I released a new CD, called “Curtain Call,” on November 7, 2009. This album contains 12 tracks of acoustic Christian rock songs. It is available through CD Baby, iTunes, Digstation and IndieRhythms. There are several songs on this site for you to hear, with samples from all three CD's.

My wife, Karrie, participates in an Atypical Parkinsonian Disorder support group that meets at University California, Irvine and we led the Riverside, CA Parkinson's Support group between the fall of 2007 and June of 2010.

Listen to more samples of my music at:

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