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Participant Information

Lenore Gross


I was told I had Parkinson's back in 1999; I had my first back operation in 2001, and found out at that time that I had cancer (CCL). My whole life came to a halt.

I knew Parkinson's was a neuro disease, with not a great future for me. I had to retire from my job as a Realtor in '06, a job that I loved.

I had to have three more back operations in '06. Dealing with everything else, plus my future with Parkinson's, I decided to go back to my favored hobby, painting. It is relaxing for me.

I am also trying to write a book on my experience as a Realtor in three different states, plus I knit. Each day when I wake I think of my family so far away, and up I go starting a new day.

Contact Lenore:
(256) 772-0657