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Participant Information

Nicky Blakeney


I was one of those who was relieved when I was diagnosed with PD. For more than a year I had watched myself gradually "going downhill" as my doctor treated me for "nerves." The dread of someone coming to visit; even our children…The need to be in the dark…The nightmares…Even my ability to just brush my teeth or comb my hair was taking over my life. Then one day I told my husband, "I can't take any more. I have to have help."

We live in the country. The doctor I had been seeing was in the city. My husband took me to our small town GP. The third time he saw me he said, "Nicky, I believe you have Parkinson's disease." The neurologist he sent me to (who is still "my doctor") confirmed it, put me on Medication, and in two weeks we could all see a difference.

I was so thankful it wasn't "just nerves" that it took a while for me to realize what I had. Sewing and crafting had always been a part of my life; by the time I got medication I didn't think I would ever be able to function well enough to do the things I had done all of my life and loved to do. I am much slower now and at times it is frustrating. I thank my GOD for what I can do and just keep going.