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Participant Information

Diane Wicksted


I joined the "Parkinson's Early Management" program shortly after I was diagnosed. Week 3 was focused on goals. I thought I would go back to doing stained glass. First I had to clean up the area, get organized and practice. I made a 5-piece fish for everyone in my group (9 of them) - a little piece - but the satisfaction of creating again was amazing. I have since called in my friends to pick a free piece. This is also a social thing when they come to pick a pattern and colors. I have approached a craft store to see about selling on consignment. They are going to get back to me in September. I have a table booked for September at a craft show. Stained glass is hard for people with Parkinson's. It involves small motor skills and precision work. Some days I have to go really slow to draw a straight line, let alone cut one. The results however make all the effort worthwhile - kind of like biting the butt of the monster that stole my strength and changed my lifestyle.

(Diane passed away in 2008 and is survived by her husband, Dave)