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Participant Information

Lisa Howard


Throughout this life we all experience things that we wish we could share with loved ones and special friends and sometimes simply anyone who is interested or willing to spare a moment to actually listen. Now these experiences are, for the most part, good; but not always. This collection is made up of "pieces" that share a few of my experiences. While I obviously cannot provide you with such things as taste and smell, I can share photographs. These pictures are natural and pure art to me and will hopefully allow you to view some things through my eyes... a little piece of my world. Enjoy.

I was diagnosed with PD in my late 20s. While I would never wish this humiliating disease on anyone, it has allowed me to step back and take a look at what is really important in life. I now take the time to talk to people, to find beauty in things that would otherwise be overlooked and lost in the busy shuffle of today's way of life. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and my situation is no exception. I cannot sit back and do nothing. I have the disease, it does NOT have me! Hopefully I can make a difference, be it large or as simple as opening someone else's eyes with my pictures. Again, I hope you enjoy them.