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Participant Information

Eric Smith

Glen Arm

Born in West Virginia, I grew up in Pennsylvania and earned a Bachelor's degree from William and Mary. I followed this up with a Master's from Temple University and a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

I did two years in the Foreign Service in Vietnam, 20 years teaching, then 13 years in the corporate world. I entered early retirement in 2001, due to Parkinson's.

My wife, Ellen, and I moved to the shores of Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County, Maryland, in 2001. In 2009, we moved to Glen Arm, Maryland.

Painting and printmaking are therapy for me. When I am involved in a creative process I feel liberated from the chains of Parkinson's. I get totally immersed in the process. I developed the interest in creating art after I discovered that right brain activity was much more satisfying than left brain work!