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Participant Information

Marlene McNew

San Jose

I was diagnosed with PD about 4 years ago and showed symptoms for at least 2 years before that. So I was 48 years old when the tremors started. My handwriting deteriorated. I had an increasingly difficult time lifting weights with my right arm. But, most of all, the tremors just kept getting worse...very slowly.......but inescapably.

I never imagined myself as a poet but the first poem I wrote just poured out of me one morning. Whatever one thinks of it, I can assure you the feelings behind "The Why Poem" are very heartfelt.

Somehow writing poetry offers some comfort. Usually I look for that comfort in exercise, particularly skiing. I LOVE to SKI. But, it is currently summer and, beyond that, I fractured my right heel 5 weeks ago------so I have a lot of time and opportunity for introspection.