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Participant Information

Charlene Pryor

United States

My name is Pokie Too and I have been posting on in the Parkinson's Community since October of 2006. This past October I posted asking if anyone would like to put a quilt together to be displayed at the 2009 Unity Walk by our team "Team PLM".

Immediately I started receiving emails from all over the United States from patients both men and women who wanted to be a part of the project. My only rule was that what ever you did it must be permanent and be able to stand the test of time. Though most had never quilted, all confessed that the idea of a quilt always meant warmth and security to them and if there were anything you wanted when you had Parkinson's it was this.

The deadline was set for December 31, 2008 and with that we were off and by December I had received 26 12" squares back from as far away as Canada and as close as Illinois.

As they filtered back to me during the winter months my mom would set at the window and watch for the mail man to wave. You see she is 83 and has advanced Alzheimer's and lives with me and when he waved that meant Christmas to her. She would hurry up to dress and go down and get that envelope and all afternoon she would sit and hold that new square in her lap and I would tell her all I had learned about that person over the years on the site.

When it came time to actually put the quilt together, I took it to Barb Marfell in a nearby town, who is a two year breast cancer survivor and what a beautiful job she did....I ask her afterwards if she could feel the energy it had when you hugged it, and she related to me that she had it hanging on the wall in her bedroom arranging the squares and as she lay in bed she got up and put her hands on it and she said it made her cry.

My hope for this work of art is that it never is stopped being viewed....and that it be where in later years grandkids can come and touch her and say "Isn't She grandmother or granddad made this square.......She made the 2009 Unity Walk in New York City and so her journey has begun.I feel She is in God's hands pokie