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April Curfman


His Disappearing Face: This was written after a heartbreakingly upset friend, age 44, told me despairingly of not wanting his cherished grandson to remember him with a Parkinsonís facial mask - but rather strong, the way he used to be when they would romp & play together.

Connection: Having PD so often makes me want to go hide myself in a cave, and never come out. Connection is about how important my friends are to me.

Literal Parkinsonís Disease Translation: I wrote, just a few days ago. Awareness of how it feels.

Oregon-Gray Waiting: Having Parkinsonís makes me particularly aware of things that affect my symptoms. When winter & daylight savings time limit the hours of Sunlight, it is easier to let it depress me. But I love fall, and embrace spring.

To Search: There are intangibles, like determination, courage, faith, emotions, resolve, that, although unseen, have as much or more power, then medication.

The Look: I first wrote this in my late 30s, as a person with Young Onset PD, with 3 small children, full-time job, and PD symptoms becoming public.

Contradictory PD: Awareness of misleading, misinterpreted symptoms resembling intoxication, lack of dependability, guilt, disinterest, misunderstanding; when observation should indicate PD symptoms and assistance be given.

Parkinson Blues: An attempt at awareness humor.

My PD Mind: Memory loss, depression, dementia, and fears regarding if, when & how they might happen, hover in the mind of People with PD.

The riddle: I wave at me, as I walk by.

Adjusting my Choke: Young Onset People with PD are incalculable. There is no way to describe what its like to jump from being in your 20s, 30s or even 40s to having a body that feels like 80s or 90s...and All that very old age entails.