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Participant Information

Patricia Bissell


I do not know why I have been suddenly drawn to create all sorts of art, especially photography and writing. This began soon after diagnosis and still 8 years before I finally had to hang up my teaching certificate and succumb to admit that PD was indeed something to be reckoned with.

I began to create after my husband went to bed; the phone and TV were quiet and it was just me and a piece of paper or my hundreds of photos I'd taken during the day, on trips, at the grocery store or just because. All turned into something new and exciting.

My hands shook and still shake a lot but I ignore and forget myself for hours while in "the zone." Sometimes poems well up from within me and demand to be written down. I see a bird, a setting, the twilight or dawn light and I just HAVE to save it and then make it mine. Art helps me get out of myself. I don't seem to know what to do with it all.

So far, I make greeting cards with the pictures, send the children's stories to my nieces, and keep the poems for myself. With a PD audience, Iíll try to share those thoughts and some of my photos. Who better could "get" please come and "get" it now. Love, Sandhill Crane