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Participant Information

Doris Wood


I have had Early Onset Parkinsonís Disease for over 17 years. My life was one of constant shaking, freezing in place and even falling down. I could not do many basic things for myself, and I certainly could not wield a paintbrush or use a computer to create digital art.

I became determined to avoid spending the last decades of my life as an invalid, and with much prayer I began to fight to improve my situation. I learned to focus on what I can do instead of my limitations.

My wonderful husband was very supportive by encouraging me to rekindle the early interests that I had shown in drawing and art, and by introducing me to some basic computer tools. He also made sure that I exercised, had the right nutrients and supplements, and that my medication dosages and timing were properly balanced and coordinated. Consequently, I felt better and amazingly, I was inspired to create pictures that seemed pleasing to me, and that others seemed to truly appreciate.

Over the years, I have continued to develop and refine my own wacky techniques. My tremors and other symptoms are sometimes still quite severe and it often takes months to complete a single work of art. I am blessed though, because I now have a true passion for creating things that bring beauty and smiles into other peopleís lives.

If my art gives you pleasure, please let me know. My greatest reward is knowing that someone else actually likes my work!

Doris W. Wood

Visit my website at: