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Participant Information

Nancy Klein


Hi, I am Nancy Klein and I felt sweaters. I am also a retired elementary school teacher with a proud twenty-nine years of teaching to my credit. I am the mother of five wonderful boys and the grandmother of three. My husband Michael and I live in Kansas City. He is my one-man cheerleading squad. He is interested in my work and he encourages me to participate in various craft shows.

I have been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease for thirteen years. I try very hard not to let my Parkinson's define me. I prefer to concentrate on the things I can do rather than on my disabilities.

I have always enjoyed sewing and crafts. After I retired from teaching, I became interested in making needle felted sweaters. I received my inspiration from a project I saw on the Martha Stewart Show. I created a web site to showcase my work and began to sell a few sweaters, purses, and mittens.

Needle felting is an environmentally friendly craft. You start with a sweater that is 100% wool. The sweater is fully recyclable. It is washed in the hottest water available and then dried in the dryer. The felted sweater is then cut apart at the seams and re-cut with a new pattern size. It is constructed again and then embellished with a design pushed into the wool with felting needles and colorful wool roving. After the appliqué is worked by hand, it is secured by machine.

Needle felting is an outlet for my creativity. It allows me to combine color, design, and form into a useful product. When I am making a sweater, I feel good. I have control over my hands and I am contributing to the world. I forget about my limitations. When I participate in a show, I feel proud of my creations. I am happy to be able to create.

My website is