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Participant Information

April Poe


Iíve enjoyed all sorts of crafts since I was very young. Right now Iím jumping between mosaic, knitting, jewelry making and punchneedle projects. Most people with Parkinsonís understand ďjumping between projectsĒ. I used to be much more focused and my lack of concentration is frustrating. And my compulsion for accumulating supplies is out of control. Thankfully there are local charities who can use my surplus.

An aside to the whole Parkinson's thing, I have another story I would hope would give others hope. I was diagnosed at 43.

About 1-1/2 years ago the PD had progressed to the point where I felt truly handicapped. I couldn't walk in my own yard without holding onto my husband. I was falling, dropping things, and small tasks became difficult. Then I started on Stalevo which literally took away all of my symptoms with only a little dyskenesia as a side effect. I wanted to do as much as possible before my luck ran out. So I set a goal of hiking 25 miles in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee in one week and have my friends, family, and co-workers sponsor me to raise money for PD research.

Not only did I have the issue of losing muscle to PD, I was also now in my 50's, was 50 pounds overweight and had never hiked that much in my life. But I surpassed my goal and hiked 25.6 miles in 4 days.

And when I'm faced with any new challenge in my life I can look back at that and remember I can do just about anything if I put my mind to it.

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