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Participant Information

Charlene Johnson

Otter Lake

I am a professional crafter with PD. I was a crafter all the years before PD and have continued since my diagnosis. The diagnosis the doctor gave me didnít mean my life was over.

As a GM retiree, I now have more time to craft. My husband was a crafter also. Now he dispenses my medicine and helps with my physical therapy, along with household chores.

We live in the thumb of Michigan. I live on a lake where I have lived my whole life. We have raised three children and seven grandchildren. My daughter runs the road with me. We enjoy going to thrift shops and grocery shopping. My two sons help with odd jobs around the house that need to be done. My mother is still with me for support and offers me strength to continue on.

I really donít do much verbal complaining about the disease. Nobody really knows how different it is until you or a family member is diagnosed with Parkinsonís. I try to stay positive and keep busy. The jewelry that I make is my latest compulsion. It keeps my mind occupied. Iíve told my daughter I try not to think about how it used to be before PD.

However, she feels that all the years were good years, because I made great use of my talent, and shared beautiful crafts with so many people. My determination to continue on with my life as it is, is truly a tribute of great inner strength and commitment to keep on doing.

Feel free to contact me regarding my jewelry:

The person who says "I canítĒ, never will.
However, the person who says "I can", has great will.