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Participant Information

Anna Black Knoedl

United States

As an aspiring artist, I express my view of life and communicate it to my world through the language of painting or drawing. Though a painting or drawing is nothing more than a representation of realities, it is a powerful way to teach, to influence, to inspire and to reveal truth. In contrast, works of art may also be used to express that which would steal hope and promote deception and despair.

Through my art, I have chosen to express whatever I know to be beautiful and good - that which is venerable - all that is worthy of praise. I want my work to inspire people to right living and to reveal God's truth. II want it to reflect my enthusiasm for living and my love for the God who is the Creator and Sustainer of all things. It is my utmost desire to be used by my Lord (this very one who has given me the gift of expressing myself through art and writing) in ways that reveal His true character and bring Him glory. I would agree with Paul Horgan who said, "In every object or person there is beauty to be discovered, though now it prove to be tragic, or again innocent and hopeful; but in all things there is dignity, and it is my task that I find it, and set forth my view of life in such a way that those who look on what I have done will know that harmony I have sought to find between God's inscrutable designs and our daily course on earth; and all this with all my strength, my conscience and my spirit."

Particular influences upon my life which inevitably have impacted the shaping of my philosophy and its expression in ways which are unique to me would (to name a few) include being a Christian, being a wife and a mother, being the child of an alcoholic, and having early onset Parkinson's Disease.