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Participant Information

Ellen Diehl


Having both P.D. and arthritis could really crush some folks, but I've always loved working with my hands and just continued doing tiny handwork with paper, fabric and counted cross stitch when I was stricken at an early age with both diseases.

I often tell people that I feel extremely blessed to have a tremor that STOPS when I begin to concentrate on my tiny crafts rather than a tremor that starts when you need to be able to use your fingers. If I have to have a tremor, at least it's one I can deal with most of the time. I do regret not being able to do nice calligraphy anymore especially toward evening, but I've become a computer geek and the fonts an artist can find on the internet are endless!

I have found origami to be a wonderful art form to work with -it's inexpensive and very portable, a conversation starter when I pull out a piece to work on in a doctor's waiting room or on a train or even during the minister's sermon in church on Sundays. If I'm using my hands, they're not flapping around and distracting people and my minister actually taught me some of the folds I do during his sermons! He has told me that at least he KNOWS I'm awake and listening!

What he doesn't know is that I'm also thanking God and my family and friends every day of my life for taking care of me and supporting and encouraging me with my never-ending projects!