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Participant Information

Erhard Ciolina

Fountain Hills

Painting Ė my joy

When I paint, itís like bringing birth to my art. I hold no attachment to any technique, timeframe or outcome. I just do whatever I feel doing, without question or judgment, an entirely open and inhibited vehicle. I feel like I am a tool when I am painting, just hoping for the outcome. At last the painting tells me when it is alive. Excitement and satisfaction same moment Ė each time, just as it would be my first or last creation. EC.

Ed was in the 60s when diagnosed with Parkinsonís. As a new challenge he began painting himself. He immediately felt purpose in life again, hoping this is a way out of the disease. Painting is meditation to him and the results are sometimes amazing. His style is the follow-up to abstract expressionism and he does it quite well.