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Participant Information

Petras Bagdonavicius


I am a 65 year old male, born April 2, 1940. After graduating from Vilnius Music Academy I became a teacher of music. All of my life has been related to music. Apart from teaching, I have worked as an organist and choir conductor. I composed music for several hymnals which have been published in Lithuania.

In 1995, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. I was shocked and frustrated. I kept asking "Dear God, why have you chosen me? I love you so much, I sing praises for you, I play music for you?" It took me quite a bit of time to understand that Parkinson's is not God's punishment. He slowed down the tempo of my hectic life and gave me time and peace of mind to travel deeper into the world of sacred music which brings healing to my body and soul.

Although my hands are trembling when I sit down at the piano and my voice doesn't always listen to me I know God loves me as I am. I am glad people love me too. I never gave up music because when I stand in front of the choir I am lifted up; I don't feel like an old, shaky parkinsonian tired of my disability.

On the contrary, sacred music fills me up with power to continue creating for God and for people. "LORD, BLESS US" is my latest CD of sacred music. I have composed music for songs 1-13 and I conduct the choir performing all the songs included in the CD.