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Participant Information

Rosemary Craig


The past 6 years has led me through exploration and contemplation trying to make some sense of my ever-changing place in the world.

This art piece is the first public offering and expression of my journey with PD. Medicine shield seemed an appropriate format for a healing journey and is symbolic of my contemplations. Butterfly is for change; alligator is to look at and appreciate both the pleasures and pain of life; turtle is for grounding; heron for self knowledge of all my gifts and challenges; elk is a reminder to pace myself to increase stamina and maintain a strong will.

The coloured threads are the 4 elements and 4 peoples and are entwined to show the interdependence of all. Blue is a healing colour in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and the circle of green for growth and circle of life. The trailing amulets are personal good wishes for all.

I offer this art submission for the benefit of all sentient beings.