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Participant Information

Robert Brown

Hopewell Junction

I started life when I was very young! Science and English were my favorite subjects. I didn't much care for Mark Twain's works as I obviously hated poetry.

I didn't like Shakespeare, Poe, Longfellow or even Frost. I later became a churchgoer and married a lovely lady I met in the church.

I'm 64 and she's 79. We've been married 30 years. When we first met, she would read Daily Word,Daily Bread and little booklets sent by the Salesion Missions.

It was through reading those booklets that I was introduced to the poetry of Helen Steiner Rice. I immediately took a liking to her work. I started writing that wretched poetry about two years ago.

Strangely, my style does not follow that of Ms. Rice. I have, to date, composed around 105 poems. I write a first copy which I call a 'first rough,' where I simply put ideas on paper. The 'second rough' is where I turn ideas into four-line paragraphs. The third copy I call a 'crude smooth' where I add, delete, move, change sentence structure, zero in on spelling, punctuation and the correct rhythmic flow of words (Iambic Pentameter).

I then lay it aside for a time and then read it through again cold, as my own critic. I then make any final changes (adjustments) in which I feel comfortable and can live with. This fourth (and final) copy I call a 'polished smooth,' ready for release to print.

My very first poem was short and sweet. It read as follows: 'I sleep not alone, that may sound odd, But when I lay my head down, I share my pillow with God.'

This is where, or when, I feel I get injected with the 'bug.' God help us! Now he's writing poetry. God save the Queen! Lord have mercy!

I can, and do, write on any and all subjects. I, personally, consider it a miracle gift, of sorts, from God. That's the only way I can explain it (I still hate lines and avocado!).

If you're reading my work and someone shakes you hard and says, "Wake up! You were asleep," don't let that bother you. Happens all the time.

I was born March 24th, 1944, in Orange Memorial Hospital, NJ; then to Chalham, NJ; then Daytona Beach, FL; then Mamaroneck, NY; Mahopac; Hopewell Junction; Millerton; back to Hopewell and here I stay.

Married three times: Cathy - two kids, boy and girl. Cathy, married 7 yrs; then Linda, adopted her son David, married 7yrs. Now, Parry, has 3 grown daughters, Debbie, Denise, Gail. Married to Parry 30 years.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's when I was 47. Don't drink, don't swear. Became a saved, born again Christian with the Assemblies of God, Pentecostal.

Anyone reading this can write to me. Would be pleased to hear from any one attending St. Peter's school, Peekskill, NY; Florida military school (Deland 1956-1959); Mamaroneck High School 1962-1963; U.S. Navy Boot Camp 1963-1964 Company 411, headed by W.C. Johnson. Head of Boot Camp was Capt. Ira M. King. God bless you all. Sincerely, Robert P. Brown, 55 Palen Rd, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533-5857.