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Participant Information

Marian Veverka


After my husband passed away, I was no longer able to live in our house where we had raised 6 children, a grandchild, cats, dogs, chickens, vegetables, fruits & flower gardens.

One of our sons who lived near-by had built a small apartment onto the back of his house & I moved in there. The "Livestock" was given away but I brought 2 cats.

Because of age & PD, I couldn't keep up with the housekeeping & cultivating & freezing, canning & preserving our organic style garden. A grandson & his family live there now.

In my new place, I have a big window next to my bed. I can lie down, propped with pillows & see the sunrise & sunset, the moon & the stars & the clouds & the trees in the second-growth woodland that surrounds my tiny but well-planted yard.

This is what I harvest now. The scenes that pass before me every hour, the changes in the weather, in the wild plants & the garden, & the wild creatures that venture so close to my window that my least movement frightens them away.

If PD has narrowed my participation in the life of the world, it has enhanced my opportunities to observe it.