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Participant Information

Cindy DeLuz


I was diagnosed with Parkinsonís disease in May of 2007. I had begun having loss of mobility with my right hand, and it was getting almost impossible to write.

After a series of doctor visits, I found myself at a local neurologistís office and after taking what seemed to be a short sobriety test, I suddenly heard the doctor saying the words ďParkinsonís disease.Ē

My husband and I sat there in a cold, stunned state and I felt as if I was in a foggy daze. I couldn't believe at the age of 47 I had a disease that I considered to be an ďold personísĒ problem. Sure, I new that Michael J. Fox had PD, but I honestly thought that had to be a fluke.

I eventually found my way to an amazing place called The Parkinsonís Institute, located in Sunnyvale, Ca. Itís here that I began to accept the fact that I was now a Parkinsonís patient.

Since the diagnosis, I have had many ups and downs, although the downs are less and less. Iím feeling more hopeful and positive and most importantly Iím getting my identity back. In addition to the wonderful support I receive from friends and family, the one thing that continually lifts my spirits is art.

Surprisingly out of nowhere, I feel compelled to create. Iíve discovered I am an artist, a word I never thought I would use to describe myself. I now have a passion for making beautiful things that make people smile. Creating art makes my heart full and it calms my body, mind and spirit. Parkinsonís disease has given me the gift of art.

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