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Participant Information

Pat Healy

Cedar Rapids


Pat Healy is a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and earned her BA from the Iowa State University in 1976. She taught art in the public schools for 23 years and has experimented with a variety of Art media, styles and techniques in her personal works of art.


Pat's love of nature inspires her to create a serene ambiance as she incorporates color and texture in her work. Her eclectic approach allows her the freedom to exercise creativity while appealing to a variety of tastes and styles.

She loves beginning with a theme and then creating the mood or message with different media. The images are produced in the mixed media. These works consist of watercolor, pastels chalks, acrylics, markers and occasionally photography.

Her art creates a message or it may be a theme. For example, one of her themes is Fine Arts. She expresses her passion for the Arts by promoting it in a visual way.

"Living with Parkinson's Disease" - edited by David Belgium and published in 2008.

As a writer and author of two short stories and one poem, I write in third person in the book. I do not let Parkinson's disease own me. I simply am on a journey. As an artist I find that I do not allow it to control my life. I keep active and use my brain, as much as I can.

I believe in miracles and have a strong faith and I am spiritually uplifted in my daily life.