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Participant Information

Trudy Heeb


Modern Art has influenced my work more than anything else, and second is my introduction to light in Finland. Excellent textile design, such as that demonstrated at Marimekko, Tampella, and Porin Puuvilla, helped me appreciate color and simple applications of natural forms.

I always need to do things that are difficult, that set me apart; so I find that I am alone, and that I am able to be alone.

All my drawing and painting I do with all my heart.

I'm still motivated by my teachers in the Zurich School for Arts and Crafts in the 1960s, and work to please them, especially one of them. Elsi Giauqe was a strong personality. When I work, I always think about what she might say. I believe she sees everything I do.

For twenty years during my marriage I did not paint. I had so much else to do. I was involved with the animals. I had a garden. We built a house. It was a special house and we did so much of it together. I did make mobiles from bits of nature on our property, and practiced Japanese and Chinese calligraphy.

These were very important to me. But now that I am alone, I am painting and it gives meaning to my life.

It gives me a lot of power to paint or draw. I forget my illness. I'd rather paint than have money; I'd rather do something with meaning.