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Participant Information

Linda Armstrong


Diagnosis in February, 2000, was devastating for my husband and I. At the age of 54, with two sons in college, we were looking forward to doing some things together - just the two of us.

Although that has happened, it is not the same as being in good health; but we realize that time is precious and so we have fun together. After sitting for two years, I decided it was time for me to get going! And going I did!

I joined a support group, helped start an exercise class, and became an active advocate. Through all of this, I never gave up my love of beading.

In northern Michigan, for years, I had collected beautiful pieces of smooth, frosted sea glass. Full jars line my window sills and bowls sparkle in the sunlight. I had been thinking of a way to incorporate my glass into my jewelry. Some small pieces I drilled and would string together, along with other beads, to make a bracelet, but that wasn't enough.

One day, I decided to bead around a piece of glass, like one would around a cabochon. Encouraged, I began going to bead shows and picking up beautiful colored seed beads. I now make beaded sea glass pins. Sometimes a necklace or two gets thrown in. Knowing I could have an idea, make it work, and the end result being these beautiful sea glass pins, has given me courage to talk to Congressmen, or anyone who will listen, about the urgent need to find a cure for Parkinson's.

Last year (2007), I made 1500 key chains for the participants in a trial for a new PD drug. I now do most anything to get PD in front of people, including a small line of PD awareness jewelry. I make the jewelry under the title, BEADING FOR A PARKINSON'S CURE, with 100% of my sales going to the Neuroscience Institute, University of Cincinnati, for research.

Please enjoy my beaded sea glass jewelry, as I do, and feel free to contact me for information on my Awareness Jewelry (; Ph:812-926-3579). Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.