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Participant Information

Charlotte Caprino

Bay Shore

"Defying Darkness," is a 76 page book of poems about my fight with Parkinson's Disease, starting with diagnosis until I found a way to live a normal life. People don't know I have Parkinson's disease unless I choose to tell them. I firmly believe that mental attitude, plus being in the Science trials at NYU, has helped my health a great deal.

In fact, I have been told I look better now than 5 years ago. One of my female friends asked if I'd had a facelift. Today, August 11th, 2006, I played 18 holes of golf walking (it is a small course that took 2 hours to play). I raise flowers and have developed 9 perennial gardens. My husband and I are married 52 years. Last October we went to China and this December we are going to the Christmas Fairs in southern France. I also do community service in the town of Bay Shore, where I have been President of the Bay Shore Food Pantry.

I write poetry other than Parkinson's poems. I have been published in local newspapers and magazines. I have been published in a national magazine for travel. My book, "Defying Darkness," was displayed at the 2006 World Parkinson's Congress. I look forward to meeting all of you at the next meeting of the World Congress in Paris!