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Participant Information

Robert W. Nilsen II



I was living the typical American Dream...a loving wife, four wonderful children, a new house in a middle class neighborhood, two cars and a dog.

Then one day about 10 years ago, while walking in the park, my Dad noticed that my right arm did not swing properly. That was the first symptom of my Parkinson's and it has been all down hill from there.

PD has changed my life and my family's life completely. I am now divorced and living in an apartment on a disability pension. While I'm obviously not happy about this turn of events, I have never given up hope that there will be a cure someday.

My poetry is a reflection of my life with PD and my outlook at life in general. Writing has been a great release of stress and tension for me. I have also published a collection of my poems for sale. Most important of all is that I will not give up or give in to PD.

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