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Participant Information

Lorin Zechiel

Fountain Valley

The physical and emotional effects of Parkinson's disease are changing my life daily. Staying active with watercolor painting, fellow artists, and art collectors has been a stabilizing force which has helped me feel that I still have something to contribute.

I must be willing to make changes to remain competitive in the art world. To meet this challenge I am making two changes in my art work.

First, I am adapting my painting style to allow for less intricate detail. I am working hard to see shapes and patterns of objects and how the light hits them. I am seeking to simplify my paintings, letting the viewer's mind fill in the details.

Second, I am attempting to train my left hand, which has less tremor, for necessary detail work. I am thankful to report that I am beginning to see some results in these changes. I have won more awards in 2005 then any other single year. Every day I can hold a paint brush is a good day.