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Participant Information

Patricia Yarnold

Rochester Hills

Parkinson's gave me the opportunity to develop my artistic side. I retired at the age of 46 after a twenty year career as a teacher.

I've always had an interest in drawing and painting so I signed up for a watercolor class at the local community art center. It was during this time that the dopamine agonists were being studied.

Sinemet was the only effective treatment. I developed the tell-tale dyskinesia and "off, on" response so moving around was awkward.

I kept working on painting. There is a lot to learn. I began to produce some nice paintings. Painting gives me something to aim for. It fulfills my need to be productive.

It's challenging to put all the variables (color, line, shape and perspective) together to make an appealing painting. Recently I started painting with an accomplished artist and a group of friends.

We all value the time we spend together. It's our time to be ourselves. It's like a therapy session for us. Painting is what keeps me involved with other people.