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Participant Information

Gui-zhen Yang


This series of pictures, as a group, describe an archaic [ancient] love story of persons in "The Dream of the Red Chamber." That is a famous novel [and says] the separate one can't hold the meaning of the whole.

I was diagnosed with PD 10 years ago, however, I already had the symptoms more than 16 years, just after I retired from my career. From that point on, I have never given up my crafting creations even though I have serious tremor. I have made more than 2000 different types of butterfly copies with fabric, the Chinese butterfly specialist Professor Chuanlong Li has praise it as "extremely life-like.”

I have been awarded the "Chinese Handy-Women Crafting Award," interviewed by CCTV, BTV, and reported on by "the Chinese Environment News", "Chinese Senior Newspaper", "Chinese Chemical Newspaper" and "Beijing Broadcast TV Newspaper." In recent years, I have made more than 300 crafting designs for characters from 56 nations and designed figures for the 4 famous Chinese classic storybooks, "Story of the Stone," "Journey to the West," "Tale of Water Margin" and "The Three Kingdoms."

BTV and SDTV have interviewed me, giving publicity to my works. I love my art creations. It's part of my life. So even though I am a PD patient, I don't feel at life's end. I still feel that what I live for is not only for myself, because I am useful and I devote it to society.

Because of the concentration to my artworks, I am deeply immersed in the creations. This keeps the hand-movements and the brain in practice, which is also beneficial to protect [against] tremor and senior dementia. For my works, sometimes, I attend social activities – which made me become more open and generous. The most amazing thing is that under my MD's instructions, with the help of the medications, and especially with my artwork's practice, my long-time tremor is almost gone. For this, I was awarded the "Anti-PD Star" by the hospital, and I have introduced and exhibited my artworks in a PD research conference, organized by the hospital. I hope my experience may be of some help to other PD patients in the world.