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Participant Information

Janet Ward


In 1996, I was a young 55 year old, loved life, my family, yoga, swimming, cooking, clothes and had everything to live for.

Out of the blue, the bombshell was delivered -- Parkinson's disease! My whole world fell apart.

After a period of depression and dismay, acceptance was gradual, hope became the most important word in my vocabulary. Despite the prognosis and my continued reluctance to take Levadopa after nearly 10 years, I have not lost the art of hand-writing -- to my total joy.

Now, second to my supportive husband, painting is my greatest love. I have never received any formal training, yet feel deeply that by some miracle I have been awarded the incentive and capability to paint.

My shaky fist comes to rest when I apply my paintbrush and the results fill me with pride. I send hand painted greeting cards to my family and friends to their delight, and have a hobby that allows me peace, satisfaction and an escape from my condition.

I am fascinated by colour and sense physical pleasure when a picture develops. I am slowly extending my repertoire and pray that this will continue forever.

Parkinson's took away, then decided to give back.