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Participant Information

Du-Can Chan


First, I believe in "keeping busy," and being "occupied" is a benefit for anyone in any condition. The saddest sight to see is someone sitting in a darkened room just waiting for the inevitable.

Early in my diagnosis I volunteered to join a study starting with a double-blind study for a few years and onto an open-shelf study until it was terminated. I believe that if you're dealt something that may not be the thing you want, then turn it around and find something you can do with it that may benefit someone else.

I've taken piano lessons and play classical pieces. It is here where my Parkinson's is more pronounced, especially at recital time. This is when the stress of playing in public is magnified and the Parkinson's symptoms rise to disrupt your performance. I am trying to overcome this "stage fright" by playing for selected individuals first.

As Parkinson's pertains to photography, tremor is a detriment. I like to shoot in available light and many times that means longer exposures. Well, shakes are not good for long exposures. One has to learn to calm oneself and learn ways to brace oneself to make those shots. Available light photography to me is more natural and makes for better and interesting shots.

For the Parkinson's Congress I've chosen "Another Man's Treasure" as the most appropriate. The whole saying is 'One man's junk is another man's treasure.' It's like the "...when given lemons, make lemonade." I've often said that if you must come down with something, then Parkinson's is the thing to have. Why? Because they say that no one dies from Parkinson's.

Instead of bemoaning the fate of being a victim of Parkinson's, put it to use in ways that may help your fellow sufferers...such as volunteering in clinical studies, participating in support group activities and meetings, stretch your range, learn something new.

I'm a member of Chester County Camera Club. The club conducts monthly contests and in one of them the criteria was Trash, Junk and Garbage. While other members entered photos of mounds of trash, broken bicycles, etc, I entered "Another Man's Treasure." Unfortunately the young judge didn't know that a Chinese sailing vessel is called a junk. This photo is symbolic of turning negativity to positivity. I think it's most appropriate for the Parkinson's Congress.