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Participant Information

Alan Traverse


Statement of Elizabeth Anne Traverse, on behalf of Alan:

Alan was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 1996, and was subsequently unable to pursue his career as Co-Concertmaster of the Houston Symphony Orchestra, which position he had occupied since 1978.

In March 2001, he was awarded the A.R.A.M. (Associate of the Royal Academy of Music in London) in recognition of his work with various London orchestras, and the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, before we came to America from the UK in 1978.

As the Parkinsons symptoms increased Alan completely ceased playing the violin, because he could not achieve the standard he demanded of himself.

However, undaunted, he decided to compose music with the aid of an electronic keyboard and electronic samplers, which produce individual instrument sounds. This allows the composer to work directly with the aid of a computer and electronic piano keyboard, to create and perform original music.

I think you will appreciate the joyful nature of his compositions. The music is entirely electronic, although several of the pieces have been printed and performed by live players to great effect.

As a subscriber to the Houston Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Joseph Jankovic knew my husband by sight as one of the two lead violinists even before he met him as a patient, and they were able to forge a close relationship.

I think it is a wonderful idea to demonstrate the achievements of Parkinsonís patients, and hope it will help any patient in need of inspiration.