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Participant Information

Fred Sisson


My brother Fred was 40 when he was diagnosed with PD. Now he is undergoing chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. I am submitting this on his behalf. I am Fred's younger sister, Grace Griffith, diagnosed with PD at about the same age as Fred was.

Fred has weathered the way through PD for the past some 14 years largely by exploring his own creativity through poetry and photography. His art seems to have given him a channel through which he can connect with people on a deeper emotional level than is usual.

I think this connection, and the knowing that he has inspired others to open up and awaken to their own feelings and creativity is a source of satisfaction and fulfillment to him. He's also a fine writer.

I offer this and my own brief telling of his story to accompany his poem "Passing Thoughts" and his photography:

Fred's Pictures