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Participant Information

Judi Sechter

Boynton Beach

Since being diagnosed with PD, I have found that my concentration is not what it used to be. Having once been an avid reader, now I skim the newspaper and haven't read a book in years.

I decided to try creating instead. After attending a short workshop on mosaics, I transformed my dining room into my workroom. I have spent time collecting for my new endeavor. My obsessive behavior (from my PD meds) took hold. I have collected and used a myriad of materials for my projects such as mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, plates, jewelry, beads, shells, and now glass. The quantity of supplies I have acquired is overwhelming. I'm still learning the craft.

When I am working on a piece I have total concentration. I can work on a piece for hours at a time, so I feel my artwork wins over the PD.