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Participant Information

Lucy Roucis


Having Parkinson's puts me in the category of persons with disabilities. This is the largest minority in the world; it has no bias for age, race, color, creed, or sex and it can strike at any time -- and it can even go away.

I am taking the opportunity to help children (and adults) understand that being a person with a disability means that certain everyday tasks can be different or difficult to accomplish.

I want to help the world in my small way to be less judgmental and more respectful of the differences we all have. I have found through writing that I can express my thoughts with poetry and from my theatrical background I can actually perform the writing as well.

Therapeutic value? Absolutely! Parkinson's has enhanced my creativity while attempting in its somewhat cruel way to stop me from being able to communicate at all. My creativity has not suffered any injury since being diagnosed with Parkinson's. In fact, accomplishing those everyday tasks I spoke of earlier is executed with a lot of innovation! I hope you enjoy reading "Flying By."