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Participant Information

Ricardo Rodriguez


I was the seventh of 11 siblings. My parents raised us in an Arts environment: poetry, literature, sculpture and painting. The Arts have been an essential part of our lives.

Today, I asked myself what is the Arts' role in my life with Parkinson's...the Arts have always been my reason of living.

However, I have to recognize that my illness allowed me to reach a different perspective to appreciate Arts. It taught me not to fear to break rules about how things should be. I learned to break with traditional patterns. I found my own patterns. It gave me the freedom to be innovative in my creative process.

It has been hard to live with Parkinson's, but I have accepted the illness as a part of my life. It has been a challenge and the Arts have played the main role in accomplishing this challenge.

Sometimes, I have had the feeling that I have failed, with no energy inside me, I started thinking about giving up. But every time I finish a piece of artwork, it is a victory in my everyday life.